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My Evidence Matters


Welcome to the Hmmm... and My Evidence Matters Section

In this section of the website you will be able to view my evidence in regards to the following pages:

 Harrington  /  My Evidence

CloudPets  / My Evidence

Meyers / My Evidence


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If, in your opinion, you believe that My Evidence Matters and that The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  should REMAND this case back to the District Court, for a Jury to decide at Trial

Please Share.  

Keep Going ... There is More to the Story
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Thank you for taking the time to view my website My Evidence Matters. 

The mission of this website is NOT to defame anyone or to say that anyone is guilty.

(That determination lies solely in the province of a jury at trial.)

The sole purpose of the website is that

I believe, in my honest opinion, that My Evidence Matters

and that My 7th Amendment Right to a Jury Trial has been violated. 

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