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In 2019, the book "As Stolen On Tv" was released.

"The Book unveils accounts of rabid infringement, sophisticated counterfeiters and dastardly tactics aimed at killing the independent inventor's dream

Unfortunately, the author did not know about my lawsuit.

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CloudPets went through the As Seen On Tv Industry


In a SoundCloud Video of Kevin Harrington

published on May 3, 2016, he states:

"The world of As Seen On Tv is, is, is [stutters] a lot of

knock off guys,

guys that copy they steal,

uh,  they you know, its, its [stutters] all kinds of

really bad folks in a, in a, in a [stutters] nasty business."

- Kevin Harrington

Please click the picture to listen (See 21:09-21:30)
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In a Video of Kevin Harrington published on November 21, 2013,

(1 year, 4 days After I pitched to Harrington) He states:

"if this idea is so unique, be careful not to share it with anybody, because people will steal your idea. And that's for sure." …(talks about patent)  …  "so that nobody can knock you off, and that is very important, cause I've, so many people knock people off very, very quickly."

-Kevin Harrington

Please click the video to view (See 1:08 - 1:30)
 In Court Records, are my Request for Admissions
(A Request for Admissions are a set of statements sent from one litigant [Shana] to an adversary [Harrington], for the purpose of having the adversary admit or deny the statements or allegations therein.)
Request For Admissions No. 6
"Admit that YOU flip projects to YOUR partners."
 "Harrington RESPONDS as follows: Deny"
Ninth Circuit Nevada Federal Court Case No. 2:15-cv-01576 (Dkt 386 Ex 6)

Harrington, in a Video that was published on December 8, 2015,  states:

"I, I, I [stutters] leverage many relationships  I have partnerships, so I have about 15 different partnerships so that I, as projects come to me I can flip them out to my partners and, and then, I, if I, if I [stutters] tried to do, let's

say today I get 15 new opportunities. If I tried to do 100 percent of all 15, I'll fail on all of them.  I get zero. If I take all 15 and flip them to partners of mine I got half of 15 major deals now.  So, knowing when to hold them and when to fold them is important and that's something that I always say is, you know, I would rather have half of a huge pie than 100 percent of a pie that never gets baked." -Kevin Harrington

This Video of Kevin Harrington was REMOVED

from the Internet

During Litigation

Therefore, (unlike the other videos on this website which are linked directly to YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.) this video is (from my investigation) where I captured the video by videotaping it on my phone while I was watching it on my computer.

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In the same REMOVED video, Kevin Harrington talks about how he feels when people say:
"They had this great idea and now someone else is making all the money"

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 Request For Admissions  No. 7
"Admit that YOU do Parallel Development.
 "Harrington RESPONDS as follows: Deny"
Ninth Circuit Nevada Federal Court Case No. 2:15-cv-01576 (Dkt 386 Ex 6)

 Kevin Harrington's book

ACT NOW! How I Turn Ideas into MILLION-DOLLAR Products

(Page 189)

 "There are companies in the United States - and elsewhere, I'm sure - that specialize in doing 'parallel development.' (When people ask if some product or other that I've marketed is a knock-off, my usual answer is , 'No, we did some parallel development.'  That typically gets a laugh.) Whatever you call it, the process involves the sometimes - annoying practice of coming up with a product suggested by

what someone else is already marketing, but different enough that you're not infringing on any patents or trademarks."

KH book mine.jpg
 Kevin Harrington's Facebook post on August 8, 2016
Ninth Circuit Nevada Federal Court Case No. 2:15-cv-01576 
KH post cut you out 2.PNG

"If the idea is that good,

why wouldn't I cut you out..."


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