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My Evidence Matters

Dragon-I Toys  Misconduct / Warnings

The "CloudPet" product was sold overseas under the name "Toy-Fi Teddy"


Dragon-I Toys were partners of On Demand and Spiral Toys.

After On Demand sued me, I countersued and brought in Third-Party Defendants

Dragon-I Toys was one of the companies that I sued.

Dragon-I Toys FAILED to respond to the Complaint which was served on them, resulting in a Default being rendered on February 17, 2016.

Dragon I-Toys default.PNG



Order Accepting and Adopting Magistrate Judge Koppe's Report and Recommendation by Judge Du (Dkt 362).

"Because On Demands responses to discovery requests at issue are needed for McCart-Pollak to prosecute her third-party claims, the court will wield its civil contempt power to compel On Demand to respond to the discovery request.  Accordingly, the court finds On Demand and Miller are in contempt of court orders."

Please click on the red heart to view the Courts Orders


On Demand, despite being held in Contempt of Court and

further Contempt of Court, never produced the documents which were relevant to my third-party claims.

The Court ordered On Demand to pay $50.00 (the cost for me to bring the Contempt Motion) (Dkt 465)


Without the production of documents (which On Demand promised  to the Court it would produce, but never did), I was unable to prove up my damages against third-party defendants Dragon-I Toys and

As Seen On Tv, Inc.   

On September 30, 2019, the Court entered Judgment in the amount of $0.00 against Dragon-I Toys and As Seen On Tv, Inc. (Dkt 475)


On Demand never paid the  Court order

nor did they produce the documents I requested which were relevant to my Third-Party claims. 


On the Judgment it states,

"X   Decision by the Court.  This action came to trial or hearing before the Court. The issues  have been tried or heard and a decision has been rendered."

This is not accurate. 

There was never a trial nor was there a hearing (even though I requested oral arguments repeatedly throughout the case.)



ASTC D-I Toys default judgment.PNG



If, in your opinion, you believe that My Evidence Matters and that The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  should REMAND this case back to the District Court, for a Jury to decide at Trial

Please Share.  

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Case Law which supports the Right to a Jury Trial

(Withholding and/ or Suppressing Documents, Seventh Amendment, Light Most Favorable, Credibility, and Faulty Recollection)

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Thank you for taking the time to view my website My Evidence Matters. 

The mission of this website is NOT to defame anyone or to say that anyone is guilty.

(That determination lies solely in the province of a jury at trial.)

The sole purpose of the website is that

I believe, in my honest opinion, that My Evidence Matters

and that My 7th Amendment Right to a Jury Trial has been violated. 

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