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My Evidence Matters

Senators Demand Answers Regarding CloudPets

The CloudPets  Data Breach even caught the attention of TWO Senators in 2017.

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Senators and the CloudPets Data Breach

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Senator Nelson letter.png

In the letter above, dated March 7, 2017, former Senator, Bill Nelson (D-Florida), (the top Democrat of the Senate Commerce Committee) demanded answers from Spiral Toy's CEO Mark Meyers regarding the Data Breach. Senator Nelson also voiced his concern that, "[N]ot only was information accessed, but records also reportedly show that the data was ransomed by the hackers on multiple occassions."

Warners letter.jpg

On May 22, 2017, 

 Senator, Mark Warner (D-VA) sent a letter to the acting FTC Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen stating, "CloudPets reportedly exposed over 800,000 customer credentials and more than two million voice recordings sent between parents and children"..."In fact, there are reports that indicate that security researchers made repeated attempts to get in touch with CloudPets regarding the vulnerabilities they found, but were unable to reach the company representatives."

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