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My Evidence Matters

What is NOT in DISPUTE in this case is the identical nature of my "Lots of Love Buddies" and "CloudPets".

"Given the identical nature of the products, one has to wonder if it was Shana who stole Spiral Toys' idea and is now seeking to be unjustly enriched."

Ninth Circuit Federal Court Case No 2:15-cv-01576, Harrington's filing (Dkt 389 pg 18 fn 16)

 "Lots of Love Buddies" and "CloudPets" have the same 3 features:

1) Both could send/receive messages via Bluetooth Low Energy technology;

2)  Both had the ability to download apps (games, books, lullabies, etc.) onto paws etc.; and

3) Both had the same characteristics: brown bears with flashing heart message indicators;

  cream ears; cream snout; cream belly; cream paws; oval shaped nose;

stitched mouth; and light around the eyes.

Lots of Love Buddies
Lots of Love Buddies




 Cream Inside of Ears

Light Around the Eyes

 OVAL-Shaped Nose

Cream Snout

Stitched Mouth

Flashing Heart Message

 Cream Belly



Cream Paws

On May 19, 2020 my Patent for my "Lots of Love Buddies" concept issued!

My Patent woohoo.jpg



If, in your opinion, you believe that My Evidence Matters and that The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  should REMAND this case back to the District Court, for a Jury to decide at Trial.

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Keep Going ... There is More to the Story
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Case Law which supports the Right to a Jury Trial

(Seventh Amendment, Light Most Favorable, Credibility, Faulty Recollection, and Withholding and/or Suppressing Documents)

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Thank you for taking the time to view my website My Evidence Matters. 

The mission of this website is NOT to defame anyone or to say that anyone is guilty.

(That determination lies solely in the province of a jury at trial.)

The sole purpose of the website is that

I believe, in my honest opinion, that My Evidence Matters

and that My 7th Amendment Right to a Jury Trial has been violated. 

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