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My Evidence Matters

CloudPets are Pulled From the Shelves

In 2018, Mozilla and Cure53 did an additional 

investigation into the CloudPets Product

which led to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

to write  a letter to Walmart, Target, and Amazon,

voicing concerns that they were still selling the

CloudPets Product.  

Please click on any of the 24 blue hearts to read articles written by Reporters regarding the CloudPets product being pulled from the shelves.

EFF Letter CloudPets.png

Please click on the picture above to read the EFF's letter in its entirety.

"The concern we have around CloudPets is that the vulnerability has been clear for a while and

there's been no action.  Some smart toys are better at security than others, but we felt like CloudPets was an egregious example. Our goal was to reach out to retailers to make sure they knew exactly what kind of product they were selling." -Ashley Boyd (Mozilla's Vice President of Advocacy)

(Please See article 20 by Xavier Harding) 

"According to The Register, Mozilla contracted cybersecurity researchers Cure 53 to do an audit on the Toys and company.  In addition to the existing security flaws, which the company still refused to respond to, the audit found a domain related to the toys had expired, leaving it open to be used in a phishing attack, the company's phone number was programmed to disconnect callers, and their website was not reachable."

(Please see article 6 by Sue Walsh)

If, in your opinion, you believe that My Evidence Matters and that The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  should REMAND this case back to the District Court, for a Jury to decide at Trial

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Thank you for taking the time to view my website My Evidence Matters. 

The mission of this website is NOT to defame anyone or to say that anyone is guilty.

(That determination lies solely in the province of a jury at trial.)

The sole purpose of the website is that

I believe, in my honest opinion, that My Evidence Matters

and that My 7th Amendment Right to a Jury Trial has been violated. 

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